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Laing Circulation Pump

Laing Circulation Pump

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Hot Tub Circulation Pump 

*All Hot tubs before 2018 have a circulation pump*


• The Laing Series E14 is a highly effective and virtually silent spa pump that delivers optimum performance
• Master Spas Part Number: X400825
• 230V/240V 50/60hz
• 1 1/2 in Buttress
• High density ceramic bearing ball and graphite impeller bearing cap designed for high efficiency and long life
• 40 percent more efficient than standard induction motors
• Electronically commutated
• Shaftless, seal less, and leak proof motor (ECM)
• Built in Dry Run Protection
• Resistant Helps with CEC title 20 compliance to clogging
• 1/3 the weight (less than 4 lbs)
• Less noise (end 48 Frame growl)
• Make sure that you connect the Grounding lug to the Ground on the Spa Pack
• Cord Length: 6 feet (72 inches) (182.88 mm) - Measured Length of sample was 79 inches (200.66 mm)
• UPC: 733886733488

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