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PMA R4 Prefilter EcoPure Charge
Our Price: $63.00
Our Price: $19.99
EcoPure Charge
Our Price: $63.00
The outer filter for Swim Spas The EcoPure Charge is the middle insert for all series tubs.
Our Price: $45.00
Our Price: $42.00
Our Price: $61.00
The PMA-R5 is the outer roto locking filter. It is used in the getaway series. The PMA-R3 is the outer top access locking filter for the clarity series, healthy living series, and the twilight 240. The PMA-R1 is the outer top access locking filter for the twilight series (excluding the 240) and the therapool swim spas.
PMA165K-M Hot Tub Filter PMA30SK-M Hot Tub Filter PWW50P3-M Swim Spa Filter
PMA16SK-M Hot Tub Filter
Our Price: $43.95
PMA30SK-M Hot Tub Filter
Our Price: $52.65
PWW50P3-M Swim Spa Filter
Our Price: $62.95
Fits 2011 Down East Spas, Twilight Series models 120 and 240, Clarity Series Spas and fits spas using the teleweir Eco Pur system. Master Spas 30sq ft Stackable Teleweir Bottom Filter. Master Spas 50 Sq Ft Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas and H2X Swim Spas Filter - 2006 to Current. Each Swim Spa requires (1)
PMA40L-F2M-M Filter PMA-25-M Filter EcoPur Filter PMA-EP4-5K
PMA40L-F2M-M Filter
Our Price: $54.55
PMA-25 Filter
Our Price: $63.00
EcoPur Filter PMA-EP4-SK
Our Price: $63.00
OEM replacement filter for Twilight series. Outer Microban filter for Twilight Series Spas. For 2011 Down East Spas, Twilights Series 120/240 Spas.
EcoPur Filter PWW50P3-EP1 EcoPur Filter PMA-EP-2
EcoPur Filter PWW50P3-EP1
Our Price: $132.47
EcoPur Filter PMA-EP-2
Our Price: $63.85
Mineral cartridge for H2X Swim Spa, Crosstrainer and Crosstrainer 2. Eco Pur for Twilight Spas. Master Spas part X268511.